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Tactical HDL Kydex Holster für Glock 17 M3 / M6


Tactical HDL Kydex Holster für Glock 17 M3 / M6

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Kydex® is a water and corrosion resistant polymer. Front Line’s Kydex® holsters are solid and yet well fitting, tough and durable. Frontline's holsters are made of Kydex® sheets, in a pressing process - not injection - which make them stronger and durable. Each Kydex® holster works the same from the first day you try it until you retire it.

The Front Line Head Lock retention system is an excellent level 2 retention system for tactical and duty holsters. It features a locking hood which retains the pistol securely in the holster. The locking hood is released by a thumb-release button and automatically rotates forward under heavy spring pressure. The release button is hidden under a cover which hides and protects the release.

The HDL retention system is operated in a natural, fluid motion by the shooters thumb, but the method of release is not apparent to untrained persons. The holster pistol is released with the thumb in a combined motion that clears the protective cover and presses the release button. The locking hood automatically rotates forward for an unimpeded draw.

The KNG HDL holster offers a substantial improvement over other thumb-release systems. It is fast and intuitive. The heavy-duty retention system offers a high level of security without requiring unnatural, complicated release methods.

Suitable for Glock 17, 22, 23 equipped with M3 or M6 modules by Insight Technologies

Features & Details

Holster Sicherheitslevel:
Level 3

Abmessungen und Gewicht

34.9 cm
Länge verpackt:
51 cm
15.5 cm
Breite verpackt:
29.5 cm
11.9 cm
Höhe verpackt:
18.6 cm
0.634 kg
Gewicht verpackt:
0.657 kg


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